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[vc_column_text]In 2013, Melissa Lischer, from Switzerland/Zurich, released her first single, «Come Closer». Not only in Switzerland was this song played by many radio stations, but especially in Brazil, where the song was one of the 10 most popular songs at one of the largest radio stations in the country for a time. The music video for this song now has over 120,000 views.

Melissa Lischer began singing and making music with great enthusiasm at the age of 6. At the age of 16 she was the lead singer of the locally known Lucerne Big Band «Föhn». This was followed by performances at the Stadtkeller Luzern, Luzerner Musikfest, Willisauer Jazzfestival, among others, as well as her first music recordings. Many years of vocal training and training as a singer-songwriter with the renowned Andy Dossenbach, as well as lessons in piano and guitar, shaped Melissa Lischer into an impressive solo performer.

In 2014 Melissa Lischer released her debut album «The Creation», which was produced by Andreas «Schibä» Scheiben (Klangmalerei) and mastered by Dan Suter (Echochamber).
Many concerts followed, including one at the Lucerne Art and Convention Center (KKL). This was followed by several singles and the EP «Honest Song» in 2017.

Melissa Lischer is now married and mother of two children. After a family break, she now reports back with new songs in 2022.
Furthermore, she has the irrepressible joy of writing songs and telling stories.


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    via Indipendenza 27
    6883 Novazzano

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